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6 ways you know it’s fall in Las Vegas

6 ways you know it’s fall in Las Vegas

hris Kudialis

After a blazing summer of near-record temperatures, autumn is officially upon the Las Vegas Valley.

Though the Vegas desert doesn’t exactly scream fall with a wide array of changing leaves like other regions of the country, there are still plenty of ways to find signs of the season across the valley:

It’s freezing (by Las Vegas standards)

Sounds obvious, but as recently as Sep. 28, valley highs peaked at 100 degrees. Traditional high temperatures range from 73 to 88 degrees in October, with averages of 66 degrees in November and 60 degrees through the first half of December.

Fall is perhaps one of the best times of the year to play “spot the local” on the Strip and in downtown. While native Las Vegans bundle up to avoid the cold, most tourists are coming here to escape snow — in shorts and a T-shirt.

The A/C can finally be shut off after the 5-month-long summer

Gone are the days of paying $100 or more each month to avoid roasting in your home. At least for now. If anything, you might even have to turn the thermostat up during chilly October and November nights, with average temperatures dipping as low as 40 degrees.

October and November are probably two of the few months when a pumpkin spice latte habit could cost more than your electricity bill.

Say goodbye to your favorite dayclubs

Both tourists and locals alike will have to wait until at least March to take a dip in most outdoor casino hotel and resort pools. But most indoor clubs remain open the entire year for the party to move inside.




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